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Prescription Drug Assistance
Prescription Drug Assistance

The NMRHN Prescription Drug Assistance Program (NMRHN PDAP) was developed to assist in alleviating the plight of an ever-increasing number of patients who cannot afford prescription medication.  Between June 2005 (when the program started) and June 2015, medications have been ordered for over 1,050 patients with an estimated value of nearly $6.4 million.

Our staff can aid in determining if patients qualify for enrollment in pharmaceutical manufacturers’ patient assistance programs for free medications, regardless of age, if the company’s income criteria are met.  We also refer patients to RxOutreach, Walmart, HyVee and Walgreens for generic meds.

The primary requirements to be approved for enrollment in these programs are:

  • The applicant has no insurance coverage for outpatient prescription drugs or does not qualify for government-funded programs with prescription medication benefits (such as Medicaid).
  • The applicant’s income is at a level that causes a hardship when the patient is required to purchase the medication at retail cost.

To be accepted into these programs, the applicant’s gross yearly income must fall within the limits established by the applicable company, which vary among pharmaceutical manufacturers.  The total gross yearly household income (for all wage earners living in the home) includes:  salaries, social security, disability or veteran’s benefits; pensions; alimony or child support payments; and interest earned on savings accounts, certificates of deposit, or individual retirement accounts.

Listed below are the normal income requirements for the various programs based on percentages of the 2015 federal poverty guidelines.

Family Size

Free Meds 200%

Generic Meds 250% thru RxOutreach

Discount Card 300%

Over 5 add per child

$  8,120
$ 10,150

The NMRHN PDAP staff will conduct a free screening to help determine eligibility.  To be assisted with enrollment forms a yearly household membership fee of $15 is charged, plus a $7.50 processing fee for each medication requested (3 or 6 months supply).  Although our staff cannot guarantee approval for free medications, we will be diligent in efforts to assist in enrollment for the programs in which you qualify.

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